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May '14


Snow Mountain Wilderness

Evey alone on the mountain

This Memorial Day there were no trees that needed to be hunted down. Instead we planned a long weekend to use our brand new backpacks! The drive from San Jose up to Snow Mountain Wilderness on Friday afternoon took a lot longer than we expected. Holiday traffic made getting out of the Bay Area pretty bad, and then the last 2.5 hours of the drive were on 25 miles of unmaintained gravel and dirt roads…. (more)

May '14


Box from May 8


Is it box time again already!? I feel like I just did this… 2 oranges 1 hass avocado 1 box of strawberries Half pound of german butterball potatoes Shallots 1 bulb fennel 1 stalk rhubarb 1 bunch radishes Pretty good haul this week! Not a lot of ready to eat items, so that’s always fun. I did eat the oranges for lunch at work, and I cut the avocado on top of a side salad… (more)

May '14


Castle Rock

Trail goes under this bent tree

Just a half an hour from us is Castle Rock State Park. This is a very popular rock climbing spot due to the crazy rock formations and great access. We didn’t rock climb there this weekend, though Eric has in the past. We planned a 6 mile hike this time. It took us through a lot of different views and terrains. There was a lot of manzanita, some running creeks, a few young redwood groves,… (more)

May '14


Box from April 24


1 head of lettuce 1 bulb fennel 1 bunch carrots 3 shallots 1 avocado 3 valencia oranges 1 box strawberries I really truly have very few photos of this box. It just wasn’t that interesting. I ate the carrots, strawberries, and oranges raw. The avocado I put on some tacos I believe, but I didn’t take any photos of our taco night this time around. The lettuce went into our regular salads. The only things… (more)