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Sep '13


Russian Ridge

Looks like the ocean over there

This website makes it looks like we haven’t done anything in a month! I guess we haven’t had any big adventures, but we’ve ridden our bikes around and enjoyed our fire pit and been busy on the weekends. Today we went out to Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve for a little 5 mile hike in the hills. Not much to say, though we did see a coyote trot out from the tall grass and cross… (more)

Sep '13


Box from September 12


  1 bunch green lettuce 1 bunch carrots 1 bag grapes 2 pears 1 box cherry tomatoes 3 bulbs of garlic 1 cantaloupe Again I really don’t have much to share about this box because it was just so wonderfully easy to eat raw! I did enjoy having the carrots back since they haven’t been around in a couple months. They were every bit as delicious as I remember the farm carrots being, and I… (more)

Sep '13


Box from August 29


Woo I’m a little behind on this one. The following one actually just came yesterday! So here is the box from August 29: 1 head of lettuce Box of heirloom tomatoes Bunch of beets Box of black mission figs Bag of summer squash Bag of grapes 2 pears This box was so easy that I have nothing to say about it. I roasted my beets and ate them in salads. The lettuce, tomatoes, and some… (more)

Sep '13



Posing with our pilot

It has been TWO years! Eric and I have been married for 2 years. Awesome. This year for our anniversary we planned a very relaxing trip to the island of Kauai. Neither of us had been to Hawaii before, so this was a great little trip to take that would be away from home, but not too far. Plus I am always excited when we get to add a pin to the map that was… (more)