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Aug '13


Gaertner Family Visit

It has been a long month for us. We had my parents out visiting for the first week, then about a week off to recoup, and then Eric’s family came out! We really only had a weekend with the whole family at first. During that time we showed off our new neighborhood, cooked a lot in my new kitchen, and Marc G worked tirelessly on turning that burl we purchased back on Memorial Day into… (more)

Aug '13


Box from August 15

1 honeydew melon 2 Bartlett pears 2 Gravenstein apples 2 bunches of sweet baby broccoli 1 bunch of celery 1 pound of heirloom tomatoes This box was originally supposed to have a pound of summer squash, but instead I received a note saying they had run out of summer squash earlier than expected. Instead I got the second bunch of broccoli. I really don’t have many fun pictures to share with you this time around…. (more)

Aug '13


Box from August 1

This box came while my parents were visiting, so that was exciting. My mom brought it in for me since she was out for a morning walk and it was already here. Having visitors meant I had to got to share my produce with everyone. This time we had… 1 head of lettuce 1 bunch baby broccoli 1 box cherry tomatoes Half pound gypsy peppers Half pound green beans 3 yellow nectarines 2 pluots 2… (more)

Aug '13


Bodie & Yosemite

My parents came out for their annual visit to us in California, and we all took a long weekend road trip into the Sierras! First stop of the trip was the ghost town of Bodie to walk around and see the remains of the buildings exactly as they were over a century ago. That was pretty cool. Second stop was to Mono Lake to check out the unique tufas. The next day we drove Tioga… (more)