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Apr '13


Box from April 12

Yet again I forgot it was box day and forgot to put out the previous 2 weeks’ boxes. Now I have 3 boxes in my living room. Maybe this time I’ll remember? Here is the box: We have…. 2 oranges 2 apples 1 bunch radishes 1 bunch carrots 1 box strawberries 1 bulb fennel 2 spring onions 1 bunch asparagus As usual the apples, oranges, carrots, and strawberries became raw snacks. The strawberries were mildly… (more)

Apr '13


Pinnacles National Monument

The plan for today was to drive down to Pinnacles and hike an 8.5 mile trail. We knew it would be tough, and we were prepared for a difficult ascent with a great payoff and easy return. Unfortunately when we got there, the main parking lots were already all full so our only options were to take a shuttle to a place that was not our trailhead, or add an extra 1.5 miles each way… (more)

Apr '13


Evey’s 26th Birthday

I had a fabulous 26th birthday! On my actual birthday I happened to have the day off work so that was nice. First thing in the morning I opened all the gifts I had received, and was able to talk on the phone with my parents while I did it. Thanks to everyone who sent me a card or gifts, I loved all of them. With my day off  I was able to get some… (more)

Apr '13


Box from March 29

My first box after the Australia trip! I was so excited for it, so here it is: Contents: 1 bunch red chard 1 bunch carrots 1 box strawberries 1 bunch fresh mint 2 fuji apples 4 oranges This box was also supposed to come with a head of lettuce and a box of mushrooms. As you may remember, I detest mushrooms and so they would have been swapped for something else. According to the packing… (more)