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Feb '13


Box from Feb. 15


Here is the box from Feb. 15: In this box: 3 Fuji Apples 2 D’anjou pears 4 Murcott mandarin oranges 1 Hass avocado 1 bulb of fennel 1 bunch of broccoli 1 bunch of carrots 1 head of lettuce The interesting thing about this box is that it was meant to come with a artichoke. The cool thing about my particular CSA is I can have an exclusion list! When I signed up I went… (more)

Feb '13


Alum Rock North Rim

Near the beginning of the hike

After so much driving back and forth to Tahoe we wanted a super close hike for this weekend. Even the hour to some of the beautiful forests seemed too much. So we returned to Alum Rock park, one of the very first places we visited the summer we moved here. This time we did a different path going about 4 miles. It was a beautiful walk with a lot of varying terrain, some cool birds,… (more)

Feb '13


North Tahoe Snowshoes

Evey and Donner Lake

This past weekend we went back up to Tahoe! Eric’s college friend, Jason, was out here on business and we were able to hang out with him for the weekend and take him skiing in Lake Tahoe. Since we had just been to south lake a couple weeks ago, we decided to go north lake this time. Of course if the boys are snowboarding/skiing, Krista and I are snowshoeing! The first day after dropping off… (more)

Feb '13


Box from Feb. 1


Oh how I love my boxes. Here is the list from the last one: 2 Braeburn apples 4 Satsuma mandarin oranges 2 Bacon avocados 1 bunch of beets 1 bunch of carrots 1 bunch of kale 1 pound of fingerling sweet potatoes 1 butternut squash 1 bundle of leeks This was a fun and delicious box! The apples, oranges, carrots, and beets after roasting were all snacked upon. The carrots even saw a little hummus… (more)