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Jan '13


Box from Jan. 18


This is gonna be a pretty big post! Lots of things have gone on in my kitchen in the last week and a half. But first, here are the main players from the last box we got: 1 Meyer lemon 2 apples 6 Satsuma mandarin oranges 1 bunch carrots 1 butternut squash 2 heads raddichio 1 bunch red chard 1 bunch spinach The easy ones here are the carrots and oranges that went to being… (more)

Jan '13


Las Trampas

Looking out at the view as we ascend the first set of switchbacks

After such an awesome time last weekend, we knew we had to do something fun this weekend. We decided to go for another hike! This time the destination was Las Trampas Peak in Las Trampas Regional Park. The route we planned was about 4 miles with the first half being mostly uphill as we ascended to the peak, and the second half being mostly downhill back where we started. The views were spectacular with rolling… (more)

Jan '13



All three snowshoers

For Eric’s 26th birthday we rented a house in South Lake Tahoe with some of our friends for the weekend. Most of the group went skiing/snowboarding, but a couple of us opted to try out snowshoeing! The first day Krista and I went to a place called Camp Richardson. It’s actually a campground with a lodge, a shop, a beach, etc. But they also have a little area with trails for snowshoeing, cross country skiing,… (more)

Jan '13


Squash and Lemon

No pictures this time, sadly. I just wanted to write a quick update about what happened to that butternut squash and meyer lemon. The squash was peeled and cubed and roasted with spices using this recipe. It was rather tasty and made up the main course for one night alongside the broccoli, and a side dish with the pasta for a second night. Sprinkling a little brown sugar over the top before serving didn’t hurt… (more)

Jan '13


New Years Box


Right after we got back from the holidays on the east coast Eric had to go to China. That was a huge bummer for both of us. But the very next day I got a box! And without Eric I am free to use the veggies to my liking instead of trying to please both of us. Here is a picture of the produce from last week’s box: 3 gala apples 6 mandarin oranges 1… (more)