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Sep '12



I had this crazy idea over the last couple days that I could write blog posts about my kitchen excursions. Mostly I started relaying all my excitement to my parents and in-laws via e-mail, and I thought there must be a better outlet. Yikes. A few weeks ago I got jealous of my urban friends who get CSA boxes delivered to them, and are able to eat almost solely from locally grown food and products…. (more)

Sep '12


Parent’s Visit 2012

Family on top of San Francisco

My parents came out to visit us for a week, and we had a lot of adventures. Mom and I got manicures, we all took a bus tour of San Francisco, we checked out the redwoods, we visited Santa Cruz, and we flew kites! It was a great visit. Some of the pictures I added are actually my mom’s and can also be found in her albums along with many more. I just stole a… (more)

Sep '12


First Anniversary Weekend

Balloon on its side

Tuesday, September 4, was our first wedding anniversary. It’s hard to believe we have been married a whole year already as it went by so quickly. In order to celebrate this occasion we spent the long Labor Day weekend up in wine country! We first drove up to Petaluma and had lunch at the Lagunitas Brewery. After checking into our hotel we drove over to Sonoma to check out their chocolate tasting bar and buy… (more)

Aug '12


Lake Tahoe with Parents 2012

Kevin climbing a boulder

While Eric’s family was visiting we took a 3 day trip up to Lake Tahoe. It was pretty hot while we were there which made it super fun to be in the lake. We did all sorts of things like hiking, biking, paddle boarding, swimming, and jet skiing. In addition to the photo album this time, we also have a little video below! Lake Tahoe Jet Skis from Eric Gaertner on Vimeo.

Jul '12


Henry Cowell Hike

Not a bad looking redwood forest

Today’s hike was 5 miles through a redwood forest in Henry Cowell State Park. It was really beautiful and ran along a river that seemed to be a popular spot to splash in. It also looked like there is some walk-in campsites up in the park that we’d like to try as we explore the world of backpacking.  I think the coolest part about today was hiking uphill through sand for what seemed like forever…. (more)

Jul '12


Camping and Rafting

Whitewater Rafting!

This weekend 5 couples went up to Camp Lotus near the American River to camp and go whitewater rafting. We had a great time despite the insane 100-110 degree heat. I think we all discovered that the Class 3 rapids on the South Fork of the American River are super fun. I’d definitely do it again.

Jul '12


4th of July 2012


Our 4th of July was not traditional for me because we didn’t have time to watch 1776. Instead I slept in very late, had oatmeal for lunch, and then we went on a hike! We found a nice 4.5 mile trail just outside Palo Alto that made for a convenient afternoon hike. I did get some rather nasty blisters from trying to break in some new shoes on this hike, but I think it’ll be… (more)

Jul '12


X-Games and Disney 2012

All of us with the new Storytellers statue

For the second year in a row Eric and I and all our friends took a road trip down to southern California during the weekend of the X-Games. Krista and I and her friend Flavia from Texas all stayed together in Anaheim and spent 2 super fun days in Disneyland. It was Flavia’s first time ever and Krista’s second time. We made good use of all the hours in the day and saw pretty much… (more)

May '12


Memorial Day 2012

Picture together at the top edge of the plug

This whole trip was spurred by my sudden fascination with the oldest continuously living tree in the world. This tree is right in our own state, and I had to see him. After months of researching and tracking down this tree, it was time to make the trip. We intended to camp, see the tree, and also climb White Mountain Peak, the third highest peak in California at over 14,000 feet. And then the freak… (more)

May '12


Skyline to Sea Trail

Looking super excited

With a goal of enjoying the outdoors Eric and I headed over to the coast for a nice, long hike. We began at Waddell Beach where apparently there was a huge windsurfing competition taking place. There was a radio station, a food truck, and a ton of competitors there. We left them behind, though, and started up the Skyline to the Sea trail in the hopes of finding the Berry Creek Waterfall.  Along the way… (more)

Apr '12


Cowell-Purisima Trail

Evey and Eric frolicking

Eric was supposed to go to China today, but it got delayed until tomorrow. Since it is beautiful weather here, and we have an extra day together, Eric and I decided to take our bikes out for the first time this year. We found a little 3 mile trail near Half Moon Bay that sounded perfect. It rides along the top edge of some bluffs over beaches and ends at Cowell Ranch Beach which has… (more)

Apr '12


Easter 2012

Family lined up on a bridge

For easter this year we drove out to Yosemite to meet up with Eric’s aunts, uncle, and cousin. We stayed at a nice motel just outside the park, and spent a day and a half exploring Yosemite with them.  We had some beautiful views and fun hikes together. Unfortunately a lot of the roads and trails were closed due to the time of year, but it was still a great trip.