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Oct '12


Halloween 2012

Eric and our pumpkins

Even though Halloween 2012 hasn’t actually happened yet, I’m pretty sure most of our participation already has. Last Monday we went to a friend’s Halloween party where all the food was dressed up for the holiday. It was pretty cute. I took my vampire bitten cupcakes and spider cupcakes. Someone else had made stuffed peppers, but carved out Jack O’Lantern faces in the peppers. Things like that. This weekend we went on an easy, but… (more)

Oct '12


Busy Baker


So since the last post we have tried our baby bok choy. I just briefly bathed in hot garlic oil and then steamed it for a minute or two. It was still bright green and tasted like garlic. Not a bad side dish even if it wouldn’t be our first pick. No pictures of that, unfortunately. I also mentioned that last weekend I wasn’t the only one baking! Eric got it in his head to… (more)

Oct '12




In the most general news, I tried really hard to meal plan this week and only go to the grocery store once. So hard for me, but I hate going everyday. So the plan for tonight was to have baked chicken/tilapia, steamed broccoli, and roasted radishes. Yup, radishes that are not raw! Imagine that! I’m not a huge fan of radishes. I just don’t like their peppery nature. But they’re a root vegetable and they… (more)

Oct '12


Dark Chocolate Lemon Brownies

So apparently I’m not very good at keeping up with this blog thing. The beets from the last box were roasted and eaten in salads with goat cheese and walnuts exactly as planned. Eric did not like the beets so I ended up eating all 4 of them myself. They were pretty tiny though. All other contents of the box became snack items. Delicious! I also baked some brownies that went to Apple last weekend…. (more)

Oct '12


Henry Coe Hike

Starting the hike up

Last Saturday Eric and I decided to head out on a 7.8 mile hike (I don’t care that the GPS thinks it was 7.4). We set out early enough to arrive at the park and start our hike by 9am. That was quite the feat for me on a Saturday. Henry Coe State Park is only about an hour away, though, just south and east and up some seriously winding roads. It is the second… (more)