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Aug '11


X-Games & Disney

Around the end of July a bunch of our friends decided to plan a road trip to SoCal. The original intent was to go see the X-Games which were being hosted in L.A that weekend. I did not think I could go down to that area and not see Disneyland! Thankfully, one of the other girls in the group had never been to Disney and desperately wanted to go. We spent a glorious 2 days… (more)

Jul '11


Biking Pacifica and Crystal Springs Reservoir

We realized we hadn’t done anything terribly exciting recently so on Saturday we took our bikes further from home than they’d been before. We drove up to Pacifica, making use of Eric’s new roof top bike rack, and planned to ride along a water front trail to a restaurant for an early beach-side dinner. It was super foggy, but not too cold overall. I really enjoyed all the people out with their dogs today, too!… (more)

Apr '11


Evey’s Birthday 2011

I am 24! I have had an amazing birthday weekend thanks to my fiance, Eric, and our California friends. Friday night we drove up to SF and met up with our friends for some drinks and my first tamale at an outdoor bar. We stayed over at their apartment and were fed homemade pancakes in the morning. We took off from there to the Oakland Zoo which was pretty awesome. Not a very large zoo,… (more)

Mar '11


Dana’s Visit

Hello Everyone!  Dana here, writing a guest blog for Eric and Evey before I head back to the East Coast.  I was only in California for a long weekend, but wow did we pack a lot into it!  As soon as I landed on Friday evening, we headed to Mountain View for dinner.  It had quite an interesting strip of shops, bars and restaurants, but it had a Dana Street, so it was a-ok in… (more)

Feb '11


Shoreline Park

Today felt like summer here in the south bay area. It was sunny, breezy, and approaching 80 degrees! Eric and I went over to Mountain View to pick up some of our favorite burritos for lunch, and took them to a nearby park for a picnic. Shoreline Park is a pretty big area with a lot of walking and biking trails and a big lake with boat rentals. There were a ton of people in… (more)