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Apr '10



For my 23rd birthday Eric surprised me with not only some hair care products, a homemade cake, and an AeroGarden, but with a proposal! Here is the quick story: We went to Faneuil Hall and got on a horse-drawn carriage. It drove us around for a long time before stopping at the Public Gardens. The driver said we had to get out and walk through to the other side so he could give his horse… (more)

Mar '10


Spring Break Las Vegas

For our final spring break in college Eric and I decided to take a trip out to Las Vegas for the week. I had never been there so it was a pretty cool experience. We toured ourselves through most of the major hotels, enjoyed some touristy things, went to the Bodies Exhibition, saw a show, and of course did a little drinking and gambling. ┬áIt was a great time and definitely worth the experience. Also,… (more)