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Apr '10


Afternoon in Boston

Whole fields of them!

In our effort to enjoy this area while we can Eric and I spent most of today out and about in our local area. We ended up walking 6 miles from our apartments, to Fanueil Hall for lunch and, to the Public Gardens for relaxing, then grabbing some frozen yogurt on the walk home. I hope we can continue to find fun things to do with our remaining free time here!

Apr '10


Kimball Farm

Welcome sign!

Yesterday I had the urge to go on a little excursion somewhere fun. It was too sunny and warm not to go exploring. Since we had already been to Richardson’s, we decided to drive out to Kimball Farm which is a similar type of place. Homemade ice cream, mini-golf, animals, etc. Kimball had a bit more of a home-town feel to it where Richardson’s allowed you to see more of the ice cream making process…. (more)

Apr '10



Together in Eric's parents' hotel room

For my 23rd birthday Eric surprised me with not only some hair care products, a homemade cake, and an AeroGarden, but with a proposal! Here is the quick story: We went to Faneuil Hall and got on a horse-drawn carriage. It drove us around for a long time before stopping at the Public Gardens. The driver said we had to get out and walk through to the other side so he could give his horse… (more)