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Dec '10


SoCal 2010

Our view for World of Color, looking straight at Mickey's Fun Wheel

Thanks to a great airfare deal Eric and I were able to fly down to Southern California for the weekend! We had big plans to visit lots of people and also Disneyland. The weekend started with a visit to some of my college friends who live in Venice, CA.  We got to walk up and down the Venice boardwalk, see a lot of very interesting types of people, and I got to see muscle beach… (more)

Nov '10


Monte Bello Hike

Amazing views in this preserve

Our adventure for the day was driving up Skyline Blvd to the Monte Bello Open Space Preserve. We went on a little 3 mile loop trail that took us through grasslands, down into some forest, and then back up and out through grasslands. We were warned we might see deer, bobcats, vultures, and other creatures, but we didn’t see much of anything. It was a gorgeous day for a walk, though, and we were hoping… (more)

Nov '10


Halloween 2010

Walt Disney and a monster face!

The last time Eric and I carved pumpkins was in Boston in 2008. I carved Stitch, and he carved Homer Simpson. This year I stuck with the same theme, but Eric chose to branch out to a different style and also use a dremel as his main tool. Crazy. Using a dremel on a pumpkin causes a large spray of pumpkin bits to fly everywhere and it is a messy process. While there are no… (more)

Oct '10



Eric and Evey at the edge of the falls

For our 5 year anniversary Eric and I took a little weekend trip to Yosemite National Park. We ended up camping at Hodgdon Meadows campground which is just inside the park property. Instead of buying each other gifts we just bought ourselves all the necessary gear for camping! Friday after work we packed the car and drove about 3.5 hours over to the park and did nothing but set up the campsite at quickly as… (more)

Sep '10


Labor Day At Tahoe

It is really crazy how this lake is just tucked back inside a ring of cliffs

Our good friend Jeremy came to visit us from Boston for the long weekend! We spent Saturday and Sunday up at Lake Tahoe enjoying the summer activities there. On Saturday we took a 4 hour hike out past Eagle Lake and back. There was a lot of climbing over large rocks and steep steps, but the views were incredible. On Sunday we had reserved a couple jetskis on the other side of the lake. After… (more)

Aug '10


Point Reyes

Eric taking pictures off Chimney Rock

Our exploration for this weekend was up to Point Reyes. This is a cool area north of San Francisco with a decent amount to explore. We went first to the western side where there is an old light house. The light house was closed to visitors when we arrived, but it was still neat to see it. Also, there were a ton of whales just beyond the lighthouse spouting and flipping their tails up. We… (more)

Aug '10


The Dish

This is what most of the route looked like. Lots of yellow grain.

Today we went out to a place called The Dish. It is private property owned by Stanford University, but they allow the public to walk a paved path through it. There are a large number of big satellite dishes as well as some animals living in the reserve. There are some steep hills, but plenty of people were walking and jogging through today. The views are nice consisting of rolling yellow hills as well as… (more)

Aug '10


Baylands Park

Almost looks like a tropical island! Just Palo Alto.

One night last week Eric and I drove to Baylands Park in Palo Alto to check out the sunset. It is a huge swampy nature preserve/habitat protection area with trails, views, and animals. It is right at the bottom tip of the bay, too, so people can go in the water a bit. I would like to go back and walk around more of the property. We really only went to the dock and the… (more)

Jul '10


Alum Rock Park

Really neat cave thingy with a water spring coming out of it

This past weekend Eric and I decided to look for another place to do a little hike. We settled on Alum Rock Park which is part of the hills that border the eastern side of the south bay/silicon valley. We drove over in the afternoon and chose 1 mile loop trail. It was much steeper than I thought it would be even with the many switchbacks, but it was a lot of fun. Hope to… (more)

Jul '10


4th of July Weekend

Looking out at Alcatraz

This 4th of July my parents came to visit us and bring my car out. We met up with them in San Francisco for a fun afternoon, dinner, and fireworks.  I guess it was fun, but the hours and hours of trying to get home might not have been worth it. The next day we drove up to Sonoma, CA to visit my mom’s friend. Eric and I took off on our own to do… (more)

Apr '10


Afternoon in Boston

Whole fields of them!

In our effort to enjoy this area while we can Eric and I spent most of today out and about in our local area. We ended up walking 6 miles from our apartments, to Fanueil Hall for lunch and, to the Public Gardens for relaxing, then grabbing some frozen yogurt on the walk home. I hope we can continue to find fun things to do with our remaining free time here!

Apr '10


Kimball Farm

Welcome sign!

Yesterday I had the urge to go on a little excursion somewhere fun. It was too sunny and warm not to go exploring. Since we had already been to Richardson’s, we decided to drive out to Kimball Farm which is a similar type of place. Homemade ice cream, mini-golf, animals, etc. Kimball had a bit more of a home-town feel to it where Richardson’s allowed you to see more of the ice cream making process…. (more)