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Jun '09


Scooper Bowl ’09 and Richardson’s

Hi baby cow!

This post is all about ice cream, which Eric and I have been eating a lot of lately. First up was the Scooper Bowl 09. The Scooper Bowl is an event that allows you to purchase a spoon for 8 dollars, and enter into a courtyard full of ice cream makers who place out 1 scoop cups of fancy flavors. You can stay as long as you like, eat as many cups as you want,… (more)

Jun '09


Sailing with Jeremy

Evey and Eric on the Seahawk

Woo we got to go sailing two days in a row! How crazy are we! Jeremy was nice enough to take us out on his sailboat today along with our friend Jon. It started out great and sunny with enough wind to make a sail worthwhile. We were all enjoying the afternoon when some waves started to pick up. Thankfully we had already turned to head back when it got rough. The boat took the… (more)