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Mar '09


Huntington Beach

Eric and Evey on the pier

On our last full day of spring break we managed to have a very relaxing time. Eric’s aunt took us on a little tour of their local surroundings on the coast. We returned our rental car first thing, after some arguing with the rental company, and were glad to be rid of it. Next stop was Huntington Beach. It was absolutely gorgeous today in the sunny 70 degree weather. We wandered around a farmers market… (more)

Mar '09


San Diego Zoo

Best rodents ever

This morning was very early. We left at 8:30 and headed south to a camera rental shop so Eric could pick up the obscenely large lens he rented for the zoo. Then we drove to the zoo. We actually managed to cover the entire San Diego Zoo in 4.5 hours. Mostly because the rental shop scared the crap out of us with tales of the 2 hours worth of traffic we would have trying to… (more)

Mar '09


Disney’s California Adventure

Entrance to DCA

This may have been the first time I spent a day at Disney just wandering around and not thinking about trying to get things done. Since we did everything we wanted to at Disneyland park yesterday, we started today at Disney’s California Adventure. We managed to complete everything we wanted to do there in just a couple hours.  This was due to a lot of factors. We arrived before the gate opened, its a work… (more)

Mar '09



Hello Disneyland

Today Eric and I spent the day at Disneyland park. It was the perfect day, too, about 70 and sunny. It was a little more full than I thought it would be on a random Tuesday in March, but certainly not crowded by any means. We got to almost everything we wanted to get to, though spending about an hour in Innoventions may have cut down on some of our park time. But any day… (more)

Mar '09


San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Hollywood, Mission Viejo

Street name in the sidewalk

It was pretty cold and rainy this morning so that put a damper on our excitement to go to Pismo Beach. We checked out of the Peach Tree Inn and headed toward Pismo beach anyway, but didn’t end up stopping. We continued onward, driving straight to Santa Barbara. We parked along the wharf and walked around. There were a lot of people out even though it was cold and drizzly! We saw this skate park… (more)

Mar '09


Big Sur, San Simeon, San Luis Obispo

The main pool

Waking up at the Glen Oaks motel was pretty fabulous. The little gas fireplace and heated bathroom floors were still awesome. We walked down the road to a little general store and bought some muffins to eat for breakfast on our patio. They had gas pumps outside the store as well at 3.10/gallon! Thats high even for this area where the normal is about 2.30.  We had planned to drive just a little ways down… (more)