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Nov '09


Disney and Clearwater Beach

Last week I got a visit from Eric all the way from California! I showed him around where I work and took him to my local favorites.  Then we went to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! That was super fun. Our other days included hitting up Hollywood Studios and EPCOT, a drive out to Clearwater Beach, and bumming around Downtown Disney. It was a great visit.

Aug '09


Tech Museum and Sequoias

We had a very busy weekend visiting San Jose and a bunch of sequoias. The first bit of our weekend excursion was at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose. I got to ride a segway around a little obstacle course, and there may be a video of that coming later. Pretty cool. But the bulk of the weekend was in the Sequoia National Forest, Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon National Park area. There… (more)

Jun '09


Scooper Bowl ’09 and Richardson’s

This post is all about ice cream, which Eric and I have been eating a lot of lately. First up was the Scooper Bowl 09. The Scooper Bowl is an event that allows you to purchase a spoon for 8 dollars, and enter into a courtyard full of ice cream makers who place out 1 scoop cups of fancy flavors. You can stay as long as you like, eat as many cups as you want,… (more)

Jun '09


Sailing with Jeremy

Woo we got to go sailing two days in a row! How crazy are we! Jeremy was nice enough to take us out on his sailboat today along with our friend Jon. It started out great and sunny with enough wind to make a sail worthwhile. We were all enjoying the afternoon when some waves started to pick up. Thankfully we had already turned to head back when it got rough. The boat took the… (more)

May '09


Sailing in Boston

Since it is spring time and we live in a major city, we like to find fun things to do on the weekends. This often costs money which, while sometimes worth it, is just a bummer. But this weekend we found awesome FREE activities! The Boston Sailing Center was offering free sailboat rides on Saturday. And while you waited for your name to be called they offered seating, shade, and oh yeah… free beer, wine,… (more)

May '09



Tonight I got it in my head that I wanted to make homemade doughnuts. They actually came out pretty delicious! No, I won’t give up my secrets. But they were cheap and simple.

May '09


Multitouch and Coffee

Just wanted to share a couple videos we’ve been meaning to put up. The first is showing Eric using the Microsoft Surface tables at Innoventions in Disneyland. The second is a little film that shows how Coffeebun spends her time. Enjoy.

Apr '09


Celtics vs Wizards Game

Tonight we went to the Celtics vs Wizards game that I got Evey tickets to for her birthday. Stopped by Qdoba beforehand for some always delicious burritos. Very close game the entire time, thanks to the Celtics only playing their second string. As usual, Wizards lost it in the last 3 minutes though.

Apr '09


Evey’s 22nd Birthday

Last night we went out with several friends for Evey’s birthday. Managed to dodge the rain and have a good time. Earlier in the day Evey opened some presents including a Celtics tickets, a coffee maker, and some giftcards.

Mar '09


Huntington Beach

On our last full day of spring break we managed to have a very relaxing time. Eric’s aunt took us on a little tour of their local surroundings on the coast. We returned our rental car first thing, after some arguing with the rental company, and were glad to be rid of it. Next stop was Huntington Beach. It was absolutely gorgeous today in the sunny 70 degree weather. We wandered around a farmers market… (more)

Mar '09


San Diego Zoo

This morning was very early. We left at 8:30 and headed south to a camera rental shop so Eric could pick up the obscenely large lens he rented for the zoo. Then we drove to the zoo. We actually managed to cover the entire San Diego Zoo in 4.5 hours. Mostly because the rental shop scared the crap out of us with tales of the 2 hours worth of traffic we would have trying to… (more)

Mar '09


Disney’s California Adventure

This may have been the first time I spent a day at Disney just wandering around and not thinking about trying to get things done. Since we did everything we wanted to at Disneyland park yesterday, we started today at Disney’s California Adventure. We managed to complete everything we wanted to do there in just a couple hours.  This was due to a lot of factors. We arrived before the gate opened, its a work… (more)