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Jun '08


Furnished Apartment

So after many days of moving things and hours of grueling work our apartment is finally set up and cleaned. Yay! Here’s pix.

Jun '08


New Apartment

Sooo Eric and I went and got the keys to our apartment today. It is soooo nice!! They waxed the floors, repainted everything, we have BRAND NEW NEVER TOUCHED kitchen counter/cabinets/appliances (including a dishwasher). The bathrooms are brand new fixtures, the rooms are huge, and the closet space is just ridiculous. Also we have a doorbell. More pictures once we have it furnished!

Jun '08


Scooper Bowl 2008

Sooo once a year the Jimmy Fund/Dana-Farber Cancer Research and a bunch of ice cream makers get together and host the Scooper Bowl at Gov Center.  You pay 8 dollars (to help the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber) to buy a spoon and you get to go into a giant overcrowded pen full of people Inside are tents with the names of ice cream makers on them and each place has 3 or 4 flavors which… (more)

Jun '08


Castle Island

So last night Eric and I drove out to Castle Island in South Boston. We hadn’t been there before, but I’d heard it was kinda cool It’s more or less just the site of Fort Independence, a five sided fortress from the 1800s, but the whole island has been made into a state park. Of course, the fact that we drove to it and walked up to it may make you question as to its… (more)

Jun '08



Traveled down to Brooklyn, NY for the live taping of Diggnation. Got an email from CEO Jim Louderback asking if Bruno and I would like to come down and give them a hand, we graciously accepted. In a day span, we spent a painful ammount of time on busses, trains, and subways, but it was worth it. Great show, 2000+ people showed up, a lot had to be turned away once the venue reached capacity…. (more)

Jun '08


Camping Trip

Hello everyone! Welcome to June. Eric and I went camping with our friends this weekend in a state forest just outside Plymouth. It was pretty much my first time camping and I had an overall good experience. Activities included going to the beach, playing mini golf, and making s’mores. Thankfully it didn’t rain at all.

May '08


Franklin Park Zoo

Today is memorial day! Back home we always used to go to the zoo on memorial day, so I thought I’d try to do that again here. Eric and I drove out to the Franklin Park Zoo in Dorchester for the morning. It was fun overall, especially since it was our first time going. And also, for free parking and 12 dollar admission you can’t beat the entertainment. As zoos go it isn’t the greatest,… (more)

May '08


Celtics Game

We went to the Celtics playoff game last night! It was pretty sweet that we scored tickets since they went on sale at noon the day before and sold out in under 15 minutes. We sat in the very last row, but it was fun anyway. And they won!

Apr '08


Evey’s 21st Birthday

Jan '08


Snow Day