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Jul '08


Canobie Lake Park

This was the nuttiest ride we had ever been on

Today we took a field trip outside the city to check out Canobie Lake Park in Salem, NH. Our goal for the weekend was to find some sort of amusement park, and this was the lucky winner on account of price and distance. Smaller than a Six Flags, but still pretty cool. Had a good wooden roller coaster and a sad little metal one that did two corkscrews then just wrapped around to the start… (more)

Jul '08


Our Sunday

Ski jumping is less dangerous this way

The last time we saw you we had just furnished the apartment! There have been some changes since then in decorating, but here is the latest of our adventures. Sooo Eric and I had a plan today. It consisted of going to the grocery store for some milk, playing some video games, and going swimming. Your basic summer sunday. Our plan was thwarted by the evil summer thunderstorm. I was in the middle of playing… (more)