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Nov '08


Coffee the Bunny Part 2

So its been a few months since we picked up Coffee, and she’s still doing good. She came to the livingroom for a visit over the weekend, so we took some more pictures to share. It usually takes bags of candy or evil trickery to get her into a carrier to travel between rooms, so she doesn’t come to visit very often.

Nov '08



Happy Halloween! Our newest batch of pictures is from our thursday and friday nights. On Thursday we carved pumpkins for the apartment, and on Friday we headed down to Providence for a costume party! Pretty fun. Thank you to Target for having cheap costume options.

Oct '08


Walden Pond

Today was absolutely gorgeous and just crying out for a trip to the outdoors. So we hopped in the car and headed out to Concord, Mass to visit the famous Walden Pond and see some of the autumn New England foliage. Right at the front they have a replica of the house that Henry David Thoreau built for himself. It was pretty cool to see how it was furnished and set up with only the… (more)

Sep '08


Visiting My Old Home

So today Eric and I decided to take a drive out west. We went out to visit all the old areas I haven’t seen for 2 years since I left my first co-op. We stopped first at Cushing Academy, leaving our car in my old driveway. As predicted there were a ton of athletic games going on this afternoon, so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to find my old supervisor. Luckily we… (more)

Aug '08



Yesterday Evey and I took a ride down to help Kevin move into Bryant University. Afterward we headed over to Providence with my parents to see Waterfire. Finding ourselves with a few hours to kill, Evey and I hit the Dave & Busters arcade to play some games. Came out with a travel mug, mint chocolate ring pop, squishy light up ball, yo-yo, rubber frog, and almost a frisbee but the cashier ripped me off!… (more)

Aug '08


Walk Down Huntington

So Friday night Eric and I were looking for something fun to do. The weather was great and it was the weekend, so we wanted to go out! We put Coffee in her cage and headed out on the town. Basically we ended up walking to the Coldstone by the Pru and having a delicious ice cream treat by the fountain. Check out the pictures we took playing around on Huntington Ave.

Aug '08


Coffee the Bunny

Sooo we got a bunny! Her name is Coffee, and she is an all black, 2 year old mini-rex. These are pictures of her coming home and also exploring her new surroundings. She is really curious and likes to explore wherever she can. For some reason, though, between leaving her old home and arriving here she forgot how to get in and out of her cage! So we’ve been having to take the whole top… (more)

Aug '08


Weekend in Madison

Went up to Uncle Jeff’s house in Madison, NH to spend the weekend. Met Aunt Dianne, John, and Jessica who are spending the entire week there on vacation. Unfortunately Evey wasn’t able to join us since she was stuck on the turf field working football preseason. Oh yea, the Puppy Patrol came too. Got up to the house around noon on Saturday and immediately went out on the boat for tubing and water skiing. Followed… (more)

Aug '08


Making Dessert

So tonight Eric and I decided to try our hand at a delicious dessert recipe I’d been hanging onto for a while.  Basically you take some strawberries, make criss-cross cuts at the tips and fan then open. Then you pipe in a sweetened cream cheese filling. They look super impressive when done properly, and taste fantastic. But they’re so easy!! Anyway, it was a fun thing to do together, and now we’re eating them.

Aug '08


Boston Harbor Islands

This weekend Eric’s parents are in town visiting! So this weekend we all went out to visit the islands that surround the Boston harbor. It was pretty fun, but I’m partial to water and boats in general. The first island we hit, Spectacle Island, was a little boring. Very pretty views, but a lot of the same things. We hopped over to George’s Island from there which was much better. Had lunch there and then… (more)

Jul '08


Canobie Lake Park

Today we took a field trip outside the city to check out Canobie Lake Park in Salem, NH. Our goal for the weekend was to find some sort of amusement park, and this was the lucky winner on account of price and distance. Smaller than a Six Flags, but still pretty cool. Had a good wooden roller coaster and a sad little metal one that did two corkscrews then just wrapped around to the start… (more)

Jul '08


Our Sunday

The last time we saw you we had just furnished the apartment! There have been some changes since then in decorating, but here is the latest of our adventures. Sooo Eric and I had a plan today. It consisted of going to the grocery store for some milk, playing some video games, and going swimming. Your basic summer sunday. Our plan was thwarted by the evil summer thunderstorm. I was in the middle of playing… (more)